The Cosby Conundrum

Conundrum: A confusing and difficult problem. Bill Cosby: Stand Up Comedian, Actor, Author, Musician, Creator (Fat Albert), A Brand! Bill Cosby: Convicted Sex Offender. Bill Cosby: Black Man. In prison. Not in prison: Not Matt Lauer. Not Harvey Weinstein. Not Louis C.K. Not Moonves. Not John Hockenberry. Only Cosby. The Cosby Conundrum. Aluta Continua.

“🎧March for me, write for me, candle in the night for me, hold your head up high for me🎤”

“…keep on throwing pride for me…and I…will…be…okay. 🎼 ” – Tish Jones Tish Jones: Poet, Artist, Educator, Lover of Words, Founder and Executive Director, TruArt Speaks! I call her ‘Liberation Theologian’ because every time she speaks, 🗣, she is liberating minds, challenging us to confront our fears, teaching us about how to create authentic relationshipsContinue reading ““🎧March for me, write for me, candle in the night for me, hold your head up high for me🎤””

“No man can live with the absence of his child every day”…

“I’m going to release my new book, ‘The Past is Perfect: A Memoir of a Father Son Reunion.” Author Alexs Pate, in studio with me in late fall 2019. “I want to talk about that absence, but also about the reunification of this family.” “There is a space between my son and me, an emptiness.Continue reading ““No man can live with the absence of his child every day”…”

“You Have 1 Minute”

“This is a call from an inmate at the Lino Lakes Correctional Facility. If you want to accept, press 1, if you choose not to accept, you may hang up. (Repeat)” I first met Kevin Reese by phone, in 10-12 minute increments. He was incarcerated and I was hosting Urban Agenda live with in-studio guest,Continue reading ““You Have 1 Minute””

Black Women Must Write, and Publish!

In this segment of Urban Agenda, I’m in studio with Rekhet Si-Asar, Founder of ‘Ink Black Ink’, and Lesley Anne Brown, Author of ‘Decolonial Daughter: Letters from a Black Woman to her European Son‘. Join us as we explore myriad issues that are a part of living as black women in the world, and ourContinue reading “Black Women Must Write, and Publish!”

Signify! Testify!

They want me to remember. They want me to remember their memories, but I keep on remembering mine. — Lucille Clifton. Hey Beauty! Welcome to your Urban Agenda! If you’ve ever listened to a segment of ‘Urban Agenda’ you know that we hold space ‘in the village’, a beloved community of our making and remaking,Continue reading “Signify! Testify!”