Elizer Darris, committed to restoring the right to vote to people with felony records who have satisfied all of the requirements of their incarceration. Jason Sole, co-founder of the ‘Humanize My Hoodie’ movement, and Kevin Reese, Director of Criminal Justice at Voices for Racial Justice, works on the Bridging Campaign, bridging people in community with our incarcerated loved ones.

Add one more – the legendary Walter Q. Bear Banks, Jr. 39 years on KMOJ Radio, 12 years as Producer of our beloved Urban Agenda! Walter makes the show possible every week!

Four Men for Movement.

Can YOU dig it?

Restore the Vote MN! https://www.aclu-mn.org/en/biographies/elizer-darris

Humanize My Hoodie! https://www.jasonsole.com/humanize-my-hoodie-movement/

‘Bridging Community’ with our Incarcerated People https://voicesforracialjustice.org/who-we-are/our-team/

Published by Urban Agenda Media

I am the Creator and Host of ‘Urban Agenda’ on KMOJ Radio, Minnesota’s oldest Black radio station! I also host the podcast ‘Black Market Reads’ for the Givens Foundation for African American Literature!

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