“No man can live with the absence of his child every day”…

“I’m going to release my new book, ‘The Past is Perfect: A Memoir of a Father Son Reunion.” Author Alexs Pate, in studio with me in late fall 2019. “I want to talk about that absence, but also about the reunification of this family.”

“There is a space between my son and me, an emptiness. It happened over a twelve year period. It’s dark and cavernous there. Voices disappear there. No echo. He lived and had experiences, I lived and had experiences, we were separate. But knowing that the empty space exists only makes me want to know him more…”

Join me and my guest, Alexs Pate, who’s teaching us about the pain of loss and the possibility and power of reunification of fathers and their children. For every Black man who has ever lived under the myths about your absence from your children, this is for you.


Published by Urban Agenda Media Group

I am Principal and Consultant at Lissa L. Jones, a boutique consulting firm specializing in coaching and training for greater equity and inclusion. I'm also the Content Creator and Radio Personality for ‘Urban Agenda’ on KMOJ Radio, Minnesota’s oldest Black radio station. My favorite role is that of Host of the podcast, ‘Black Market Reads’, a podcast of the Givens Foundation for African American Literature! https://blackmarketreads.com

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