“You Have 1 Minute”

“This is a call from an inmate at the Lino Lakes Correctional Facility. If you want to accept, press 1, if you choose not to accept, you may hang up. (Repeat)”

I first met Kevin Reese by phone, in 10-12 minute increments. He was incarcerated and I was hosting Urban Agenda live with in-studio guest, Vina Kay. Vina was leading Voices for Racial Justice, an organization that was seeking to garner support for its new Bridge Program, work to bridge incarcerated people with people in community to assure human connection, to rebuild relationships, and to remind the world of the humanity of our beloved who are inside.

“You have 1 minute” – during our first show together, as Kevin was giving his testimony, that voice came on, warning of 1 minute. Tune in to hear Kevin’s response from that show in 2015, as Kevin hears it himself for the first time on this episode, a free man, in 2019.

I hope you dig it.

Kevin Reese in the KMOJ Studios

Published by Urban Agenda Media Group

I am Principal and Consultant at Lissa L. Jones, a boutique consulting firm specializing in coaching and training for greater equity and inclusion. I'm also the Content Creator and Radio Personality for ‘Urban Agenda’ on KMOJ Radio, Minnesota’s oldest Black radio station. My favorite role is that of Host of the podcast, ‘Black Market Reads’, a podcast of the Givens Foundation for African American Literature! https://blackmarketreads.com

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